• 30 januari, 2022

Alphov & Lopez möter Lee Salz

Alphov & Lopez möter Lee Salz

Alphov & Lopez möter Lee Salz 1024 1024 Michael Alphov

Join us for this episode where we talk sales with the Amazon best seller Lee Salz.

Lee is the bestselling author of the award-winning, bestselling books Sales Differentiation, Hire Right, Higher Profits and now Sell Different. He is also a championship powerlifter and a graduate of Binghamton University. Originally from New York City and New Jersey, he now resides in a Minneapolis suburb with his wife, three kids, and two dogs. Lee is also a baseball coach for this boys.

This full packed episode of the podcast will cover topics like:

  • Price and the fact that it’s not the primary decision factor
  • Focus on your audience
  • Productizing

All in all an episode for anyone who wants to stand out from the competition and close more and larger deals.

Lee shares a few anecdotes from his own life, showing us that sales is everywhere and most of us have some improvements to make ☺.

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